My New Website

On its way...

At the moment Im working on a new look for my website. New templates come out all the time and it is hard not to get tempted… But man it takes a long time to convert it all, but hopefully it will not be too long now!!!

Talk With Trace

A podcast comes alive

  • Trace follows her dream

    Stories for the soul! In Season 1 Talk With Trace interviews extraordinary people, doing incredible things in the world. Next Trace is off to New York for more exciting interviews!

  • Social Media

    You can find Talk With Trace on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Website design

    Talk with Trace website was created in Wix and you can go read about all the interviews and listen to the podcasts.

  • Talk With Trace Logo

    Logo design for all media. Inspired from sound waves.

  • Instagram Post

    To reach listeners Talk with Trace would post on instagram, Facebook and twitter


McGregor Electrical

Bright times ahead in the Bay area!

  • ME Website Design

    Simple website built in Wix.

  • ME Logo

    Logo design inspired by a lightbulb. Colour is bright Orange to match the Safety Orange in the work clothes.

  • Businesscard

    Standard size businesscards.

  • Branding on clothes

    Placement of logo on work clothes.

  • Decal

    Mock-up for McGregor Electrical truck.

  • Flyer Design

    Me want to push Alarm installations or make sure people are aware if its the right alarm they have in their house. A4 flyer to be dropped of in mailboxes.

Fare & Frolic

  • Fare & Frolic

    An upcoming business that makes the most delicious ready meals. Top quality you should give them a go!

  • Aframe

    Aframes to advertise in front of IGA and Foodworks.

  • Website Design

    Fare & Frolic needed a look for their new website. I produced all the PSD files for a web company to use in the development of the new site.

  • Decoration

    The new Fare & Frolic kitchen they needed a bit of colour. My job was to make stickers for the walls and give suggestion to what else could make the place more welcoming.

  • Packaging Design

    All meals needed a sleeve to put around the tray. Simple but affective look, now on the shelves IGA and Foodworks.

  • Ready Meals

    I ordered a round of Fare and Frolic and it really tasted delicious, you should try it.

  • Fridge Magnet

    In the welcome pack you receive a magnet to hang on your fridge to remind you to reorder your everyday gourmet ready meals.

  • Cotton bags

    When you order Fare & Frolic food online you receive your meals in a box. To welcome new costumers we added in a little welcome pack. My suggestion was to gather the welcome material in a useful cotton bag.

  • Photo shoot

    Rikki Lancaster took these amazing images for Fare & Frolic. I help her with props and styling and it was a great result. Please see more images on the website their website.


Creative Flavour

by Mette Søe Chalmers

Who doesn’t love LOTS of flavour?

We all love when something looks good, and works like a charm. Life is too short not to make the most of it. Creative Flavour is were I get to show off my creations and ideas and if you ever need some inspiration or help in any way don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always up for a challenge!!!

I creating graphical and conceptual solutions from start to finish.

Business Identity

For John Thallon - True Blue Tax

  • Business Logo

    Tax Specialist John Thallon has been in the business since 1977 and needed a new look.

    We came up with a new name that suits his personality and his professional expertise.

  • Letterhead & Business Cards

    Simple and elegant letterhead and business card.
  • Poster

    A A4 poster was created to hang in the local area.
  • A frame sign

    Advertising when on the road.
  • Signs

    John works in remote places. We made some signs for him to take with him.
  • Newsletter

    As a reminder to get their tax done, John Thallon sends out a newsletter to all of his existing clients.

Festival design

Won the privilege of designing Smukfest visual identity 2016

  • Intrance Bracelet

    27 different bracelets for different people on different days.

  • Shirt design

    Merchandise was created for the festival visitors to buy as souvenirs.

  • Smukfest

    How lucky am I… working for my favourite festival. If you are into music, loads of happy people in beautiful surroundings then this is definitely a festival you shouldn’t miss when visiting Denmark.

  • Poster Design

    Hopefully worthy of the “Wall of fame” at Smukfest

    A new way to camp this year. Hummel shoe box!!!!

  • Facebook

  • Armbands

    I can’t wait to see the real deal when the Festival starts in September 2016.

  • KærligHeden

    Campaign for the “Love Camp area”. Trying to make improvements by gathering a focus group to discuss good and bad. Poster and online media material was created.

  • Logo Small

    To make sure the illustrations were clear in some media, this logo was created for all the little tiny projects.

  • Business Cards

    Still working on the layout for the Smukfest business card… exciting!!!

  • Festival Logo

    Filled with the joy of a beautiful festival.

  • Merchandise

    See all Merchandise on where I also designed the look of the web page.

  • Banner Ads

    The names are official….

  • Let the logo come alive…

About me

Shamelessly passionate designer

My passion is to create new things,

in any shape or form.

I have been working in the advertising world since 2000, in both big and small businesses – different environments, always adding to my knowledge…

My first title was Art Director and since then I have added Graphic Designer and Event Manager.

If I had to pick a favourite assignment it would be to brand a new company from scratch and be a part of their success and live happily ever after…

Style Magazines

Magazine Production - Custom Publishing and Campaign Work

  • Style Magazines produces their own magazine and lots of costume publishing jobs. The stylists, journalists and graphic designers all work together to create interesting projects from start to finish.

  • July Cover with Matt Preston

    Style Magazine is a monthly free magazine in Brisbane City. Advertise in this magazine and you get royal treatment. Its all written and designed in-house.

    Read now

  • June Cover with Audi

    Usually the Style Cover is payed for, this time by Audi. It was a challenge working with cars and models together.

    Read now

  • custom publishing

    Have a peek at some of the magazines made by Style Magazines…

    Read now

  • Shop Colonnades

    My favourite Custom publishing. A very openminded client that put their trust in Style Magazines.

  • Online material

    We often produce online material for the custom publishing clients for example Facebook covers and banners.

  • Homemaker in Style

    Advertising in Style Magazines

  • Homemaker The Valley

    In-store material

  • Homemaker The Valley

    Online material in all sizes and shapes…

  • QT Hotels and Resorts

    Just before finishing up at Style Magazines I created a new layout for QT Hotel and Resorts for my colleague to take to a New Business meeting. We wanted to give them lots of editorial ideas to make their magazine stand out in the crowd. Good luck Sarah

  • Advertising

    Style Magazines is alive because of ads. We provide designs for all clients.

  • Merry Christmas from Style Magazines



All the lovely places I have worked since entering the advertising world in 2000

Art Director
Creative Flavour
Manly West, QLD Australia

· The work load increased within Creative Flavour and I started working with clients like Fare & Frolic, Transworld, McGregor Electrical, Aarhus University, Aqua Moves, Smukfest Music Festival. Allround creative solutions including websites and digital marketing.

Graphic Designer
RSL Art Union
Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia

· All round graphical solutions for the ongoing lottery of real estate, where all profits go to the Returned Service League. Working part time while still working with my own clients through Creative Flavour.

Art Director | Graphic Designer
Creative Flavour
Manly, QLD Australia

· Started Creative FlavourCreative solutions
from start to finish

Art Director | Graphic Designer
Denmarks most beautiful festival – Smukfest
Skanderborg, Denmark

· Won the privilege of designing Smukfest visual identity 2016 – digital and print from start to finish.

Graphic Designer
Style Magazines
Wilston, QLD Australia

· Magazine Production, Custom publishing and Campaign work. Graphic work from start to finish.

In house Graphic Designer
Lite n’ Easy
Nudgee Australia

· A Maternity leave gave me the chance to experience Lite n’ Easy who makes healthy ready made food. I helped out with all the graphics they needed, packaging design, flyers, presentation and much more.

Web Designer
Woolloongabba Australia

·  Ecoda produces web sites for a variety of clients, my job was to do the layouts and finish the graphics for the developers.

Freelance Art Director
The Advertising Works
Fortitude Valley Australia

·  During busy times at TAW I was called in to help make layouts for meetings with new clients.

Art Director
Zupa Recommended Advertising agency
Aarhus Denmark

·  Worked with newly won client under time pressure.

·  Creating yearly concepts, layouts, catalogues, in-store material and logos.

Art Director
envision Advertising agency
Aarhus Denmark

·  Creating graphical and conceptual solutions – branding well known Danish products – mainly in the food sector.

·  Worked competently in all aspects of media.

·  Managing assignments, designing a range of web banners through to directing films.

·  Directing photo shoots.

·  Social event manager within the studio.

·  Excels in packaging design.

On my own
Private Clients

I always help out friends and family with whatever is in my power…

·  Company identities – name – logo branding – web design.

·  Sport Events – logo – merchandise – invitations.

Packaging Design

Some of my favourite ones...

  • Packaging Designer Dream

    Lollie fun

    Created the shapes of the lollies, named them, baged them and most important… eat them.

  • A prize winner!

    Rahbek fish needed to shake things up a bit. Nordish was created and new shapes and tones were awarded.

  • Another lovely client, Odense Marzipan. Helped out with some packaging design.

  • A series of ice cream made for Danish Supermarket

  • Carletti is a big lollie brand in Denmark, and I looovved having them as a client.

  • Olive Oile

    Design Outdoor and Print Advertising

    Finialist Award Winner

    at New York festivals

  • Yoghurt. Private label for Netto (Similar to Aldi)

  • A Campaign was created for Danish Supermarket, Animal.

    A hole section in the supermarket just for the animals. These were one of the packaging designs.

  • Defco launched a healthy line of sandwich meats.

  • Mad Pax, ready made lunches for kids.


Logo Design

  • ME Logo

    Logo design inspired by a lightbulb. Colour is bright Orange to match the Safety Orange in the work clothes.

  • Talk With Trace Logo

    Logo design for all media. Inspired from sound waves.

  • Medvea

    Getting Doctors together to share their knowleges.

  • Fruit and vegetable business

    epicurean delivers fruit and vegetables to restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Gartner and Landscape architect

  • Packaging Design

    Cheese, Home Brand for Netto

  • Company Logo

    So full of goodness that you just gotta eat it!!!!

  • Construction Company

    Hårby Anlæg

  • Tax Specialist

    True Blue Tax by John Thallon

  • Hair Salon

    Owned by Chalotte Gylling

  • Spinning in Water

    Hopefully an upcoming sport in Australia that I will be a part of

  • Print Service

    Web design that I created with

  • Packaging Design

    Pizza, Home Brand for Føtex

  • Sports logo

    Footy Team

  • Resell your Designer Products

  • Festival Logo

    Filled with the joy of a beautiful festival.

  • boutique Logo

    Looking hot clothing company

  • Packaging Logo

    Nutridan oils, Home Brand for Bilka and Føtex


Get in touch

Would love to hear from you

Call 0424 750 046 //

Design Manual

  • Visual identity for Smukfest 2016
  • Colours

  • Font

  • Logo

  • Logo

  • Logo 2, for small placements

  • Text Logo

  • Logo Rules

  • Logo Rules

  • SMUK Graphic

  • Top/Bottom Graphic

  • Text Examples

  • Facebook Cover

  • Facebook Post

  • Instagram Ads

  • Banner Ads Single and Take Over

  • Corporate Logo

  • Corporate Logo

  • Top/Bottom graphic (Corporate)

  • Letterhead

  • Letterhead V2

  • Mail Signature

  • All Round Graphic

  • Contact Details



if you would like to hear more

  • Smukfest

    Please contact for further information.

  • Lite n’ easy

  • Zupa Recommended

  • envision

    Was my second family, they raised me within the advertising world. Please contact if you would like to know more.


Sharky Presentation

  • In Denmark we have a saying that if you are really good at something you are like a shark. This saying is use through out the campaign for Rahbek Fish’ new Children fish product. Our job was to brand this new product.

  • Sharky the Shark

  • Packaging Design

  • Advertising

  • Give away cook book

  • Instore Material

  • Instore material

  • Merchandise ideas: Aprons, School bags with a fin, shark costume…

  • Story board for youtube and TV advertising

  • Website ideas

  • Sales package



Awarded Best packaging Design at the Danish Design Center

  • Best Packaging Design

    Nordish was awarded the International recognised Seafood Prix d’Elite for Best Packaging Design and was displayed in Denmarks Design Centre.

  • Brochure

    Unique shaped brochure was created to match the curved of the packaging.

  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish
  • Nordish



Home Ice Cream Denmark

  • Kids Club

    Every month we would create a fun club flyer, packed with fun games, food ideas and stuff kids love.

  • The Blue Kitchen

    Home ice wanted to broaden their horizon and sell more then just ice cream. We got to help them develop products and the main focus was breakfast, lunches and quick afternoon tea. The Blue Kitchen was added to their product line.

  • Mövenpick

    Home Ice started selling Movenpick, and it was added in the flyers and on the trucks.

  • Summer Campaign

    Home ice summer campaign. The concept was to guess and ice cream by the way the bell would rang, and you would receive a discount.


Online brochures

  • Online Education Program

    I created the theme for Bog & idé online education program and made it ready for online use.



Animal section in the Supermarket