fare & Frolic

visual design

Fare & Frolic make gourmet ready meals. They taste delicious and you can buy them in IGA, Foodworks and online. F&F already had a visual identity but needed to roll out their brand. Creative Flavour helped make this possible, see example below. 

Fare and Frolic4



Interior decoration

Layout & production

Fare and Frolic9

Packaging design

ready meals

A-frame sign

for IGA & Foodworks

Fare and Frolic11

Delivery box

and tape

Door hanger

For delivery

Fare and Frolic12

Welcome flyer

A5 sleeves

Shelf wobbler

for IGA & Foodworks

Fare and Frolic10

Menu list

For store owners

Photo styling

Taken by Rikki Lancaster

Fare and Frolic7

Fridge magnets

gift with delivery

Shopping bag


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